how we work

Idea To Design. How It Works.

At Intrinsic Design Studio, we believe your creative projects should be a positive experience, not a burden. We transform your idea into a finished product. Our process is simple. Once you submit the details of your idea, a designer will work on your project while you continue doing whatever it is you do. Once a design has been completed, we send it to you for review. If it requires any changes, we'll take care of it. When it's ready, we can print it. In the meantime, you have more free time and less stress. Once it's printed, we ship it to your door. Simple.

If you ever need more printed, just tell us and we'll get it done. If you need minor changes done before the next round of printing, we can do that. We will store your project on our secure server to ensure its availability the next time you need more printed. No more hunting for files or CDs. No more wasting money on a re-creation of a former project.

Already have a favorite printer? That's okay. We can work with them.
Already have a design and just want your project printed? That's okay. We can do that.
Want to market through direct mail but don't have the time or staff? Don't worry. We can take care of that too.

We are here to help you. From the beginning to the end. It just makes sense.